Stephen Dusenberry

Senior Engineer at Rema Entertainment

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Throughout his life, Stephen Dusenberry has always taken his own path. From being offered his first gig as a 4-year-old drumming prodigy, Dusenberry's journey has included stops on the Billboard charts and a Grammy ballot. At once, Dusenberry is powerfully distinctive and remarkably varied. He is not a traditional songwriter/producer--instead a complete orchestra (The Berklee Alum performs every instrument live and composes all of the arrangements). Each project is a showcase of his musicianship, compositional instincts and the full range of his persona. The result is a dynamic live sound with a clear coat of shimmer on top.


Growing up in a single parent household in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Dusenberry began playing the drums at the age of 3.  Spending hours playing along to the radio, his natural talent was immediately noticed.

On several occasions, passers-by would invite“the drummer upstairs” to join their band, never knowing they were listening to a toddler.

At 6, Dusenberry received a keyboard for Christmas and began creating his own songs. As he grew interested in different styles of music, he taught himself guitar, clarinet and trumpet.

Dusenberry spent his adolescent and teenage years playing drums and keyboards with a diverse range of jazz, punk, fusion and experimental rock bands. Such variety is what developed the authenticity with which he weaves many different styles together. At 16,  Dusenberry’s progressive rock band Twilight Machine was signed to the now defunct AFM Records.  Though a generation younger than his bandmates at the time, Dusenberry was quickly singled out as the stand out and was offered a chance to join Royal Hunt, a popular heavy metal band from Japan.  Though finishing high school prevented him from accepting the offer, soon Dusenberry would attend Berklee College of Music where he would fine tune his raw talent.


Already known for his talent as a musician, his first venture into producing came on a whim when he offered to produce a remix of the song 'Vanity Lane' for former Britney Spears dancer ElectrikPrincess in 2013. Having never done a remix (and not knowing how to sequence or program midi) he relied on his songwriting skills to produce a soulful track with lush strings and biting horns reminiscent of the Gamble and Huff sound of the 70's. The track was an instant EDM hit and landed him on the Grammy ballot in the pop remix category. in 2014, Dusenberry spent 2 weeks at Number 1 on the Billboard Charts with a remix of Audio Playground's "Hands Up In The Air"


Having gained a reputation for his dynamic remixes, he quietly began working on his first solo project, written, produced and performed entirely by himself. The dynamic arrangements and funk fuel symphonies have people comparing him to the likes of Quincy Jones. His debut single, Fool’s Gold continues to attract attention.  Stephen Dusenberry comes from an open musical landscape. With his eclectic tastes and subatomic attention to details, he challenges and inspires his collaborators, shatters creative boundaries and rejoices in discovery.