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Nina Birkin Biography 

I’ve always loved everything to do with music. I love many different genres and instruments. I started singing at the age of 3 according to my mom. I took music classes and played the violin, cello and guitar.

I entered the 4th grade talent show at my elementary school, Sunburst. I remember being very nervous. The judges weren’t looking at me until I started singing. Then they looked up at me in shock until I finished. I didn’t think I would get chosen, yet the next day I heard my name on the school announcements. My elementary school teachers all told me not to forget them when I became famous. I would just smile and blush. I didn’t think becoming famous would come true…until now.

I watched American Idol with my family.  I knew that’s what I wanted to do once I got older. But then at the age of 14 I started fighting with my mother, a lot. Before I knew how it all happened, suddenly I found myself running away from group homes.  I was sleeping on park benches, struggling to survive. I was living on the streets, doing things I should not have been doing at the age of 14. Then the police took me to a shelter in Mesa.  I realized the life I was living wasn’t the life I wanted.

My mother and I reconciled and tried to get along. We weren’t always good at it. She would kick me out, often.  But now we are doing good.  I’m glad about that. I started recording music at my friend’s in-home studio, but I never finished any songs.  I released a minute snippet on Facebook. It hit about 13,000 views and got a lot of love. When I found out people actually liked my music, I knew I had to  take it seriously. Since then I have devoted all my time to building a musical foundation. I released my first amateur song Fly High and that hit 4,000 views on YouTube. I was shocked because things were happening sort of fast and I was attracting lots of attention. That’s when William Zabaleta contacted me. From then on, I knew my life was going to change for the better. I am now signed to his management label - Rema Management.
Now we are working on so many things to further my music career.  I am so grateful for this opportunity! I want to tell anyone reading this to follow your dreams and make it a reality. Especially those of you with not so great circumstances.

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