Deddrose Biography 

Deddrose is an artist that seeks the boundary between light and dark. His music probes the night of the soul and the rewards of discovering who you are; however difficult that might be. Born in Guatemala and raised in the NW United States, there is a potent blend of ancient knowledge and modern influence in his music. His Lyrical content can be poetic, personal or energetic and futuristic. New to the scene he has garnered respect from fellow artists and industry professionals from many areas and genres. With influences like Kid Cudi, Tame Impala, James Blake, Led Zeppelin, Kanye and Gangstarr there is truly no limit to his creative experimentation with sound. Deddrose has a love of music that is eternal and over years of production, songwriting and performance every new song is a testament to this devotion. Deddrose signifies the duality of life, the beauty in the black, and as an artist he continues to paint these boundaries for himself. Although up until now his efforts have been very underground and secretive he says “the stars have always been aligned for me but I finally feel worthy to look up”. He is now ready to show his music to the world. 

Look out for “Your Smile Breaks My Bones” a self produced song with the guidance of William Zabaletta and Rema Management set to be released May 15th, 2020. 

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